Rebooster (a robot) and Alina B. (a chubby human girl with fair skin and curly hair) standing next to each other
NaNoWriMo,  Writing Updates

Enter NaNoWriMo 2020! I’m doing it with Rebooster and Alina B.

Did I decide to join NaNoWriMo for 2020? Check!

And did I do it with the already planned Rebooster and Alina B.? Check!

With the only difference that I’m no longer going to have Rebooster and Alina B. as a light novel but a regular novel with illustrations.

NaNoWriMo 2020

Rebooster and Alina B.
8% Complete
3,916 of 50,000 words
Rebooster and Alina B. are a robot and a human girl who fall in love in an Italy of the near future.

The cover image above is an unedited version of the artwork my friend Luana Spinetti did for me a year ago for this project. I’m so happy to finally be able to work on it for a month (then I’ll resume it sometimes in 2021 after I’ll be done with an old novel that has been laying around for 23 years) and I’m really eager to start writing today!

Update Nov 13, 2020

I’m progressing at a much slower pace that I expected. I’m stuck at some point in the narration and I can’t get to overcome the obstacle.

I’m trying to clear my ideas on paper before I go on with the writing (thankfully, I have a notebook devoted to NaNoWriMo to play with plot ideas and experiment with scenes).

Of one thing I’m sure: it was lovely to jump right to the first kiss scene between Rebooster and Alina. At least I managed to write that before getting stuck.

Update Dec 1, 2020

I managed to write a total of 3,916 words in November. This is only a tiny accomplishment, but I feel so proud of it, because between work commitments and a poor mental health, I know I couldn’t do better this past month.

So, now I have a 3,916-word draft and plenty of plot notes to work with through the months of December, January and February. My goal is to reach 10k words by Feb 28. Will I make it? Who knows, but I know for sure I’m gonna try! 🙂

I updated this post during the month of November 2020 with news on how my NaNo was going. Further news on Rebooster and Alina B. will be published on the dedicated blog. Thanks for reading!

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