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You can also get in touch on any accounts listed in my network or in the top nav bar (above the site title).

Collaborations with Publishers and Indie Authors

There are a few things to keep in mind when collaborating with me on books and reviews. 🙂

Books that I will NOT read and review:

  • Horror books
  • Any books that contain explicit violence and sex
  • Strongly politicized books (that includes, but not limited to, books on governments, religions, feminism, minimalism, etc.) If I decide to read and review any books touching upon these topics, I will do so on my own decision, but I will not accept collaborations that involve this kind of books.

I prefer paper books to ebooks due to eye sensitivity to screens

Please, let me know if you need me to pay for the shipping to use this option: I will gladly pay for it if it spares me the eye issues.

Please note that I will only share my shipping address privately via email. Thanks!

That being clear, feel free to reach out to any of my email addresses above and consult my About page if you want to learn more about me.

Advertising and Guest Posts

Contact me at any of the email addresses above to discuss your offer or pitch your guest post idea.

** I will only accept advertising for content that matches my interests or the interest of my readers. **

Please note that my price for adverts starts at $5 (and up, depending on the nature and demands of the advert).

Naturally you won’t pay to get your guest post published at