Web Series

Ongoing works of web fiction. 🙂

Rolamaton the Robocity

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My Sci-Fi work involving sentient robots and the town-refuge they built for themselves, Rolamaton “the Robocity”. I role-play most of Rolamaton characters on Robotronia.net.

Planet Electronia

weblink | start reading *W.I.P*

Sister work to Rolamaton. It involves artificial alien life living on planet Electronia and coming in touch with people and robots on Earth.

The Gearshift Family

weblink | start reading *W.I.P*

Companion work to Rolamaton and Electronia. The main human characters is a dedication to a friend of mine.

Evagen Brothers – The Spawn of Mechatrace

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My Sci-Fi world inspired by Evangelion and the Transformers.

Radio Lover

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A romantic Sci-Fi story.

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