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Lia Booklover (Recensioni Libri e Riflessioni)

This is my book blog in Italian, where I write book reviews and reflections on the reading and writing practices.

Some of the content is translated into Italian from my English blog here. However, with the rare exception, the rule of thumb is that I will review books in Italian on Lia Booklover, and books in English on my main blog at

Social Media Channels

DeviantART: liadospetti

This is where I truly started to get the “marketing plan” for my web series in motion. I already had fans for Rolamaton The Robocity, and a handful for Evagen Brothers and The Gearshift Family. However, it’s thanks to DeviantART that I could build my first genuine following.

Goodreads: Lia Mara Dospetti

Tumblr: RobotDreamerGal

This tumblog has quite a history.

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