Once upon a time, there was a writer…

… a young woman, who was not a writer yet, and perhaps she would never be, but she had fed this dream of hers since her infancy years, and she had never stopped fantasizing, creating, dreaming.

Then one day, during the ups and downs of life, she lost confidence in her ability to put dreams on paper, in the form of comic or of novel. Hence she tried with short story writing, and however they were pretty decent compositions, the ancient fear still lied behind them, that fear of counting a ‘nothing’ as a writer, and then not even her characters were worthy of being gifted pages and pages on which they could write their entire life and their whole heart.

All of that happened, until in June she came to know of a website called NaNoWriMo.org, a contest that would have not brought cash onto her account even if she was to win, but that could be the right chance to win over the emotional/psychological block that had made her suffer for years. So she signed up for NaNoWriMo, on June 30th of 2010.

Due to university duties, and because she had lost her beloved ‘notebook of ideas’ (on which she had always noted down ideas for possible fictional plots that her dreams and experiences suggested), that young ‘writer’ did not manage to start writing down her draft until the 11th of November.

In little more than two weeks, between severe family issues and university duties, she succeeded to write the goodness of 30,105 words. A few hours from NaNoWriMo deadline, no matter how busy she was, she continued on with writing, immersing herself completely in her characters’ thoughts and feelings, living other wonderful hours of fear and heartbeat with them.


No, I didn not win NaNoWriMo this year. I did not reach the 50,000 words threshold. However that is not important, because I DID WIN a lot more!

– I won over my psychological block
– I won a 30,000+ words draft ready to be continued and worked on
– I won a boyfriend who loves my writing style
– I won because I showed myself that trying is always worth the effort when it’s done for love.

To all those writers who did find themselves on the same boat as myself… you won too! I wish you a more relaxed and regular NaNo the next year, and may it bring a lot of satisfaction and many awesome sequels. Congratulations to everybody!

~ Lia D. (30/11/2010)

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