Writing Updates

2018 news on “Per Me, Perle Bianche” (novel, ITA)

I wanted to resume writing Robot sulle colline but I couldn’t find the right emotional vibe and inspiration to do it, so I tried to see if I could continue writing (and editing) the novel I started writing twenty years ago: Per Me, Perle Bianche (previously titled Un Grande Amore).

Know what? Blame it on realizing it’s the twentieth year since I started this novel, that I was thirteen when I started and I’ve turned 33 in September this year, I found my muse again… and I’m working on Per Me, Perle Bianche almost every night now.

I’m also thinking about joining NaNoWriMo again this year, but I might still work on Perle Bianche alongside the new project. It’s far too important to me by now.

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