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    Thanks, Writer’s Market!

    I bought the Writer’s Market 2009 book on eBay a few weeks ago. I only recently got it in the mail. Do I need to mention how big a help this book is revealing to be? Aside from magazines that accept freelance writers, I found at least a hundred publishers for short stories, Sci-Fi novels and novellas that accept online submissions. Manna from Heaven! I don’t care the book is a 2009 edition. I understand the need for update, as new publishers are born every year, but I can get the updates from the Web version (which I’m going to subscribe to on January/February 2012): all I could afford NOW…

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    Online University of my dreams

    The more I read about WaldenU.edu, the more I feel I should be studying there one day. I won’t begin to mention how many short story character ideas that university has given me, with its many beautiful degree programs. The more I learn about Walden, the more I fall in love with it. Too bad that I can’t access it for a ton of reasons. *sigh* Walden University’s online degree programs include many subjects in many different areas, but here’s my favorite: ~ Using Research and Data to Drive Decision-Making ~ Planning and Program Development for Online and Distance Learning ~ Understanding Students: Learning, Development, and Diversity ~ Enterprise and…

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