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NaNoWriMo 2010: the writing journey

November 14th means two weeks of literary abandonment for NaNoWriMo writers.

Unfortunately, that was not my case: I only began drafting my novel three days ago, and I’m struggling to reach 4,000 words within tomorrow.

There is so much stuff to do every day, from websites to university, countryside life and housework. Novel writing only gets a small amount of daily time, which means slow progress.

Someone may suggest to quit the NaNo for 2010, and try again next year; ‘alas’, I’m not one of those people. I’m going to navigate the struggle sea until I reach a tiny land, and I don’t care whether that land takes me to win my 50,000 words or not.

I tried, at least I could say I tried, and I shall have most of my novel draft ready to continue my work. In fact, the novel I’m writing is going to try the publishers’ road some day.

Having a piece half-done is always better than having none.

Updated 24/Nov/2010:

I’m blocked at little more than 26,000 words and it’s six days from the end of NaNoWriMo. It doesn’t feel nice.

Perhaps I look too harshly on myself at times, perhaps I’m much more similar to Virginia Woolf than I imagined. Facts says that clearly though: I’m a slow artist. I have lost the hope to win NaNo this year, but I’m keeping on with it.

Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do.

Updated 30/Nov/2010:

I woke up earlier just to write more, and bring my NaNoWriMo to 31,000 words before its deadline. 🙂

No winning, no goodies. Just so much satisfaction, and 50+ pages a draft to work on in the next days.

As the Japanese say: Gambatte!

EDIT:// I had meant to reach 31k, but I didn’t make it. I arrived very close to that though, and it was still a victory. 😀


NaNo is going to get my hands to type a novel again, next year. I hope there will be less life issues this time.

P.S. I wrote a post about NaNo non-winners here.

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